Guiding musicians to their full potential

SonusArts accompanies professional musicians with individual coaching and organizes concerts for soloists and ensembles.


SonusArts was founded by professional musicians, music educators and cultural managers. We use our professional experience and our international network to guide musical personalities in their careers and to provide high quality concert experiences.

Why SonusArts?

The founders of SonusArts are internationally renowned musicians, educators and cultural managers. Through our own concert experiences, orchestra tours in the European and Asian music world, we have gained valuable experience and know-how with which we would like to support potential and talented musicians as well as choirs, ensembles or orchestras.


New founded! – Swiss 5

Marvey Demin, Flute

Martin Frutiger, Oboe

Mischa Greull, Horn

Matthias Rácz, Bassoon

Fabio Di Càsola, Clarinet

Inspired! – AOIDE Trio

Klaidi Sahatçi, Violin

Sasha Neustroev, Cello

Seung-Yeun Huh, Piano