Colores Trio
Fabian Ziegler
Luca Staffelbach
Matthias Kessler

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Colores Trio

Energetic, versatile, innovative. This is how the Colores Trio presents itself, consisting of Matthias Kessler (born 1997), Luca Staffelbach (born 1996) and Fabian Ziegler (born 1995).

The young, award-winning musicians from Switzerland and Austria connect a longstanding, unbroken passion for percussion and an infinite joy in performing music. These qualities are combined in the virtuoso Colores Trio. Kessler, Staffelbach and Ziegler care for a broad spectrum of percussive literature. Their knowledge of classical and contemporary music, combined with their creativity and interest in modern music, challenging its traditional boundaries, results in ambitious and uniquely designed concertprograms.

With classical and contemporary works, the Colores Trio conveys to the audience the versatility of percussion instruments and always presents new timbres. Currently, the Colores Trio is focusing heavily on classical works, and on giving them a young and fresh sound by creating new arrangements. A major concern of the Colores Trio is the development of new compositions, which is why it dedicates itself to commission such new works.

The Colores Trio gets supported by Klaus Schwaerzler (solo percussionist of the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich), Benjamin Forster (solo timpanist of the Berlin Philharmonics) and Raphael Christen (Yamaha marimba artist and soloist), all instructors at the Zurich University of the Arts. In addition, the three musicians also worked with the worldknown multi-percussionist Martin Grubinger.