Coaching and Workshops

Individual coaching with SonusArts

Be successful: Discover and develop your strengths

Performance competence for musicians

Analysis, consulting and training of the important areas of performance skills, taking into consideration the important aspects.

Defining and achieving goals

In a personal meeting we analyse your wishes and set goals together. You receive tailor-made content and solutions that can positively influence your development and bring you closer to your goals. Thanks to the extensive experience in the concert business, our Lecturer is able to address your strengths and weaknesses.

Exploiting potential

Musicians often suffer from the fact that they are not able to realize their full potential in the concert situation. We will find out which focus will help you to bring all your talent to the stage with courage and passion.

Stage fright

Do you suffer from excessive stage fright before or during the concert? There are many ways to turn negative stress into positive power with physical exercises and mental training.


Do you miss the flow that makes it possible to be completely immersed in the music? To be stable and at the same time dynamic is possible! With the right distribution of tension in your body you will experience it and be able to use it again and again.

Mental strength

Does reality match your vision? With an adapted training, you will mentally gain confidence and you can use your strengths in concert.

Workshops for orchestras with SonusArts

This is a very important form of further training that is particularly appreciated.


At SonusArts we are very much aware of the importance of the prevention of musician’s diseases. In most cases, psychological and physical stress in the workplace mix together and can lead to serious disorders, damage or even illness. Musicians are aware of this today, but often lack the knowledge of how to break the vicious circle.

Using physical resources

A detailed focus of the workshop is on the distribution of tension in the musculo-fascial area of the human body, because this is where most of the pain arises when playing in an unfavourable position, which in the worst case can even worsen to the point of inflammation. In the workshop Using Physical Resources, the musicians gain access to tried and tested exercises from Music Physiology. Useful tips for an individually adapted playing position while sitting or standing can bring great relief to the stressful everyday life of an orchestra. In addition to relaxation and breathing exercises, the areas of stretching and strengthening the holding muscles are also covered in detail.

Workshops at music schools with SonusArts

Further training for teachers, classes and ensembles

Loose, cramped or dynamically active on the instrument?

Already in childhood and adolescence the course is set for a good playing position on or with the musical instrument. Especially people in growth need the best advice in a situation marked by change. In order to prevent dogmatic and stereotypical attitudes, adaptability and knowledge of how the body can be optimally supported in its development are needed. Here, the findings from Music Physiology offer valuable input. They help both students and teachers to find additional motivation and joy in practicing and performing.

With simple and individually adapted exercises the body perception can be trained and the dynamic playing position can be used profitably for making music.

Developing a feedback strategy

The human being with his qualities is put into focus. Praise for success and tips for improvement. A simple but effective concept, where the student is always allowed to give feedback to himself. From mistakes we learn what still needs to be improved and in a positive environment the musicians learn to discover and develop their strengths.

SonusArts is committed to respecting and protecting your personal privacy. We guarantee absolute discretion in every consultation.