Consulting and Coaching

Are you ready and motivated to study music?

To achieve this goal, you need not only motivation and enthusiasm but also balanced planning and preparation. We support you in finding a suitable music college, a suitable environment and the right lecturer. We leave nothing to chance and accompany you with individual advice and personal coaching on your way to study and further on your way to a career in music.

Positioning for young musicians

Pupils and students receive feedback on their current status in a personal conversation and during an audition (also possible via video). As a result of many years of experience, SonusArts is able to recognize the musical and artistic potential of a young person and to offer realistic advice for the arrangement of further education.

Music studies

Making music your profession, that sounds fantastic. But how does it work exactly? With music we want to express our own interpretation, meanings and feelings. This not only includes mastering the instrument. Cultural education and the associated broadening of horizons must not be neglected. Gathering impressions and life experiences, enjoying successes and successfully handling failures are important aspects for a mature and profound interpretation. Young people should use the opportunity to get to know different cultural backgrounds and to exchange with like-minded people from other countries. An individually planned study abroad is an enrichment for young aspiring musicians.

Consulting in the selection of universities and lecturers

Numerous music and art colleges offer exciting opportunities to study music, and many renowned lecturers are also on the list. It is important to know one’s own strengths and potential and to make the right choice. This will lead you in a sustainable way to the music profession. On the basis of auditions as well as interviews and shared reflections, we arrange for future lecturers and universities.

Study of music up to the career start

Another challenging stage in the life of a musician is the transition from student life to professional life. Here, too, we are at your side with advice at the right time. We show you how to present yourself and your qualities in the best way. Whether applications on paper or online, SonusArts knows the most important do’s and dont’s.

The entry into professional life can be a big step, but usually it happens in many small but important steps. You don’t just write your resume when you apply, but continuously by putting your education, training and internships into a meaningful, goal-oriented context.