SonusArts organizes concerts for musicians, ensembles and orchestras.

Concert Management

SonusArts plans, organizes and supports you during the realization of your concerts. Our international experience in the classical music scene enables us to plan and organize events professionally in every detail.

SonusArts takes your needs and wishes into consideration and creates the right conditions for a successful concert by working together with you.

SonusArts is specialized in individually tailored concert planning.
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Sound Series Concert 5

sound series konzerte 5Sound Series Concert 5 | Art1989

Min Woong Hwang, Guitar | Junwon Baek, Violin

We thank Art1989 for the support!  

Sound Series Concert 4

sound series konzerte 4  Sound Series Concert 4 | Alkad Studio

Min Woong Hwang, Guitar

We thank Alkad Studio for the support!

Sound Series Concert 3 – !Sold out!

 Sound Series Concert 3 | Yeonnam5701

Donghwan Yoon, Violin | Hanna Yang, Violin 

Kyung Won Lee, Viola | Jeong Hyoun Lee, Cello

Sunghyun Cho, Flute    

«Sound Series»

Sound Series New concert series “Sound Series” in Seoul, Korea starting February 2021. The concert dates will be updated continuously. We thank our partners “ALKAD Studio”, “Bass String”, “Studio Atmos” for their cooperation.